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Welcome to!

February 19, 2009

Namascar Putos. Welcome to the grand launch of the official Akudama website. We’ve been reading ‘How To’ indie rock manuals and have realized the importance web presence, accessibility, and pectoral shots. Be sure to check the site infrequently in regards to Akudama updates, and frequently as to the whereabouts of Joe Biden’s Dad’s Landlord’s Dick.

Just a few “knows” to keep in mind. We will have a free e.p. of the month, every month, containing two new Akudama songs with downloadable album art. Simply click the vinyl icon on the left side of the screen. If for some reason you hear something that resembles Powerman 5000 live in Denmark circa 1998, there’s a good chance you accidentally went to the Powerman 5000 website and clicked on the drummer’s Adidas warm-ups.

Also be sure to check out the “apple tree” section of our website via the icon on the bottom right corner of the homepage. This page will include an ever-evolving sea of content such as behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive recordings, live shows, tour photos, skit comedies, as well as alternate takes of songs, bonus tracks, B-sides, Sandra Bullock singing along to that Mighty Mighty Boss Tones track while wearing Timberlands and those tiny rubber monster toys that fit on the tips of your thumbs, and perhaps the occasional footage of the Candlebox rhythm guitarist cooking polenta off Steve Winwood’s corn-rowed perineum whilst listening to Powerman 5000 live in Oslo circa 1997 (during the Dep9 “Extreme-Hold” tour.) All of this (and not a whole lot more) can be yours at

Stay tuned for more more MORE! Thank the Looorrd!

Johnny Appleseed – Free Music of the Month

February 4, 2009
JohnnyBlogArtwork by David Buivid

Johnny Appleseed E.P.

(Free Download Expired)
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The “Johnny Appleseed” E.P. is our first free E.P. of the month. We recorded it in a barn located in an isolated area of New England which featured on the cover art.


1. Dishes
2. Night Club
3. I Will Be Glad
4. Love
5. Out Again
6. Seabreeze Social