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Workin’ Fer a Livin’

April 29, 2009

Two summers ago, circa Blake’s “I hooked up with Mr. Big from Sex and the City” phase (which turned out to be “I hooked up with some dude who looked like Mr. Big from Sex and the City” phase), Blake found himself in a Toyota Corolla, shotgun, under a mid August sun, near some community complex in north Philly. As the breeze gently massaged his granola encrusted stache, Blake looked to his right, twenty yards ahead, to an old man with a weathered face, cracked hands and all, wearing a superman t-shirt and holding a Budweiser. He was bent at a forty five degree angle over the engine of a pick up truck, with his ass more exposed than not.

Without a moment to spare, Blake pushed his head out the window and sang “Workin’ For a Living!” as if there was no option not to. The words muttered were just the beginning of the neo country masterpiece to come.

Here’s a video of Blake lip-synching, Milli Vanili-style, along to the track, in his infamous “Im gunnna start ur face” t-shirt. This is to be track seven off Blake’s “Onions and Pennies” solo record. The album will be released once someone can take pictures of him naked and bleeding in a dirty bathtub… Let me know if you’re interested… this isn’t a joke.



April 21, 2009

Here’s a video of “Thumbelina”, a new track of ours, live at Bedford Avenue’s very own Spike Hill. We’re in the process of recording this tune, along with eight others, so keep yr ear to ground folks!
*Sorry for the random sideways shot, someone was krazy!

Akudama – Thumbelina (Live @ Spike Hill)

Happy Tax Day

April 15, 2009

Remember being a boy in middle school? (If you don’t, yr either a whimen or have dengue fever) Well, I do. I remember having an insatiable fire in my chest, one in which was magnified by the onslaught of pinchi (Mexican slang for ‘fuckin’’) hormones, along with crumbling relationships all around me (my girl, my girl, and my girl). This fire could only by tamed by two things; rubbing one out to Danny Glover Angel’s in the Outfield playing cards, or, a fucking CONVERGE show.

Being all of ninety pounds, I’d get tossed around the room like some Taiwanese concubine (Jane Doe baby), or at least a Carpaccio salad with Katrina style presentation. Enough of the similes, metaphors, analogies, mammograms, obscure culture references that no one’s getting, and let’s get to the point.

Just this past month, I satiated my urge for blood curdling breakdowns, to be packed in a room like sardines along side chiseled Brooklyn brodudes that smell like Creatine, muscle butter (a logical progression of muscle milk) and Meshuggah mescaline. The result was multiple stage dives at all the appropriate parts, a ripped white tee that exposed my tit for seventy five minutes, and the discovery that my scream sounds like Bing Crosby doing a jack-knife into the deep end (even more so through my customized earplugs.

Please visit exhibit A and B below as proof of the prior (with the longer video, you have to wait for the breakdown three minutes in… duh.)

Old Friends

April 9, 2009

As a toast to nostalgia (and bread), here’s a video of Molasses Tavern, a grindcore band featuring high school buddy Andrew “Bernie” Bernstein (Teeth Mountain) and the Brother’s Pia of Akudama. I was reminded of these good ol’ days after watching Bernie on opening night at NYU for Dan Deacon’s Bromst tour (They’ll be hittin’ our neck of the woods yet again in mid May). Pay careful attention to the Gigli and High School Musical Two samples, as well as some of the most death defying pussy grind ever emitted from an orange amp (or whatever the fuck.)

State House, Bloomington, Indiana, February 2008

Bean Town Challah

April 2, 2009

Bloggers n’ bloggettes,
A belated thanks/moment of appreciation to the folks who came out for the Middle East show last Wednesday. Always nice to see familiar faces spliced with fancy lookin’ college folk feinding for a fix uh dat indie shit.

At first, while playing the show, I found myself impatient, eager to get connected with this crowd, to loosen there calves, to get em’ swirlin’ their hips like a Dishwalla reunion show. Then I realized, sans the aid of my Ray-Ban’s, that these kats were gyrating in a micro fashion. They didn’t know the music, the melody, the lyrics, but their bodies did a stiff shift, switching weight from left to right, pumping their calves like a librarian hidden in a school cellar, stoned off hash, listening to the Delfonics. Suddenly I felt real excited, knowing these uncontrollable sways, these granny-hipped hipsters, were just the beginning of what’s to come. Soon, these inhibited movements could become quite undone, and before we know it, we’ll be one solid pulse, from concert hall to concert hall, changing the vibration of these hops-drenched atoms into a molecular frenzy.

…Although we don’t have any records of this particular show, we do happen to have some footage of a show in BK back in early February. Enjoy!

Akudama – Everywhere At Once (Live)

Arctic Jog E.P. (April 2009)

April 1, 2009
Artwork by Jesse Corinella

Arctic Jog E.P. (April 2009)


01. Arctic Jog
02. Arctic Jog (Fatty Acid Remix)