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Bloggers n’ bloggettes,
A belated thanks/moment of appreciation to the folks who came out for the Middle East show last Wednesday. Always nice to see familiar faces spliced with fancy lookin’ college folk feinding for a fix uh dat indie shit.

At first, while playing the show, I found myself impatient, eager to get connected with this crowd, to loosen there calves, to get em’ swirlin’ their hips like a Dishwalla reunion show. Then I realized, sans the aid of my Ray-Ban’s, that these kats were gyrating in a micro fashion. They didn’t know the music, the melody, the lyrics, but their bodies did a stiff shift, switching weight from left to right, pumping their calves like a librarian hidden in a school cellar, stoned off hash, listening to the Delfonics. Suddenly I felt real excited, knowing these uncontrollable sways, these granny-hipped hipsters, were just the beginning of what’s to come. Soon, these inhibited movements could become quite undone, and before we know it, we’ll be one solid pulse, from concert hall to concert hall, changing the vibration of these hops-drenched atoms into a molecular frenzy.

…Although we don’t have any records of this particular show, we do happen to have some footage of a show in BK back in early February. Enjoy!

Akudama – Everywhere At Once (Live)


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