Workin’ Fer a Livin’


Two summers ago, circa Blake’s “I hooked up with Mr. Big from Sex and the City” phase (which turned out to be “I hooked up with some dude who looked like Mr. Big from Sex and the City” phase), Blake found himself in a Toyota Corolla, shotgun, under a mid August sun, near some community complex in north Philly. As the breeze gently massaged his granola encrusted stache, Blake looked to his right, twenty yards ahead, to an old man with a weathered face, cracked hands and all, wearing a superman t-shirt and holding a Budweiser. He was bent at a forty five degree angle over the engine of a pick up truck, with his ass more exposed than not.

Without a moment to spare, Blake pushed his head out the window and sang “Workin’ For a Living!” as if there was no option not to. The words muttered were just the beginning of the neo country masterpiece to come.

Here’s a video of Blake lip-synching, Milli Vanili-style, along to the track, in his infamous “Im gunnna start ur face” t-shirt. This is to be track seven off Blake’s “Onions and Pennies” solo record. The album will be released once someone can take pictures of him naked and bleeding in a dirty bathtub… Let me know if you’re interested… this isn’t a joke.


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