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SUN E.P. {JULY 2009}

June 30, 2009
Artwork by Dionne Pia

Artwork by Dionne Pia

SUN E.P. {July 2009}


1) Sun [From Underneath the Lake]*

2) Light Dancing On Water**

*Sun was written by Akudama during a tour with Kentucky Nightmare during the summer of 2008. Bass played by Jay Goodman. Recorded & Mixed by Calvin Pia. Mastered by Kevin Siwoff. (

**Light Dancing on Water began as an instrumental jam between Calvin & Cayce in 2004, and is considered the song that first formed Akudama. We decided to reinterpret and rerecord the song during our stay at Martha’s Barn in August of 2007. Bass played by Matthew Weber. Horns played by Patrick Beard. Recorded & Mixing by Calvin Pia. Mastered by Kevin Siwoff.

©2009 Akudama


Woawa TV Interview

June 30, 2009

View the original clip here:

Sirena Wang from Woawa TV interviews Akudama prior to a show at NYC’s Delancey club. Watch to get a sense of who the guys are, where the name Akudama came from, and to see some well-shot live footage of unreleased songs.

dood duz donce

June 26, 2009

This as an example of a hue-man doing something real, channeling the gods via donce. People are itchin’ to get out their minds, to build up that gak-like muscle ’round them sits bones and just shake a dern leg!

This is for all ya’ll existing on the oases of the Internet who, like myself, are two minutes too late on the hype.

Watch the whole thing… people join… it makes you feel good.

“barn”: a short film about Akudama

June 22, 2009

In August of 2007, Akudama took a break from NYC life to record an album in a secluded barn in Lunenburg, MA. Originally intended to document the process, this film wound up being about, quite literally, nothing. For one reason or another, there’s no record of the writing or recording process. It’s not particularly well shot (by Blake), or well edited (by Calvin). If anything, its… entertaining. But that’s a stretch. Enjoy.

“LOVE E.P” {June 2009}

June 1, 2009


Artwork by Blake Charleton

LOVE E.P. – June 2009

01. Love*

02. Wilted Flower**

(Free Download Expired)

*”Love” recorded in August 2007 at Martha’s Barn in Lunenburg, MA. Recorded & mixed by Calvin Pia. Bass played by Eli Silverman.
**”Wilted Flower” music & lyrics by Blake Charleton & Gordon Cox. Performed by Neon Glitter Bliss (Charleton, Cox, Beth Sacks). Produced by Gordon Cox.


For all you music-savvy people: we’ve split out the audio tracks for “Love” so you can have fun remixing it. Click above to download for free. Tell yr friends! If it’s good enough, it could end up on a future Akudama release.