A.C. run in – in BK, yeauh


Calvin and I (Cayce) were walking into Danbro studios in Bushwick a few months back to test some mics for the Sun recording, when we noticed a jam we dug playing faintly out of a boom box in the back room. We turned a corner to find curtain walls constructed in a half-circle, with faceless characters dressed in draping drabs dancing beneath. The song that played was of common knowledge, and I could only assume this was a music video by a student (not something of the professional nature.) So we went about our business in our rehearsal space, and came back down a couple hours later. This time, as we turned the corner, we see Avey Tare sitting down with one other human being at a plastic table just outside the shoot. I’m already feeling like a tween, heart thumping, knees shakin’, like from Dolby surround sound.

And so we approach the dudes, asking the simple question “… so what are you guys doing over here?” … Now you may be thinkin’ I’m a Tyrannosaurus-tard for asking the obvious, but that one question lead to a ten minute conversation that was just… just great! Dudeman was as modest as can be, inquiring equally about me and my brother’s endeavors as us about Panda Bear’s and his.

I walked away that day feeling like I had met one of my heroes, and to have the experience be what it was, I feel very fulfilled and grateful.

So now, what made me tell you this absolutely boring story is the fact that I just found the Animal Collective “Summertime Clothes” music video on Youtube. It’s mediocre! Enjoy!


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