Akron/Family Tonight


Vision Festival XV goes out with a bang tonight at Le Poisson Rouge With Akron/Extended/Family (featuring Hamid Drake-drums and William Parker-bass), the Southern Satellites, and the Slowest Runner (in all the world). 158 Bleecker. Show starts at 8, Akron at 10, Akon at 6am.

The festival’s theme this year is “The Creative Option” and according to the Vision Festival producers “represents our commitment to bring cutting-edge music to new generations of listeners. Emerging artists and young bands are very important in maintaining a link between the pioneering legends and the innovators of the future.”

In other words, I’m shitting my dad’s pants with excitement. If you haven’t seen Akron before, I suggest you go. For me personally (I’m Barry Manilow’s Orthodontist, Clown, from Slipknot), they’ve been one of my biggest musical influences. Especially the live show. It’s like southern Baptist church in a Jenkem den after doing eight Yoga to the People classes.

That’s me in the white T, twenty seconds in, doing what looks like a half back flip onto the audience. I think I learned that move at a Mercury Rev sound check.


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