Super Smoothie- The Case Monster


“Are you guys into smoothies?” This is how I begin most of my conversations… I never really got past the five-year-old-birthday-party stage, where I contort my limbs in these awkward, Joe Cocker like motions, while literally just talking about whatever my dome piece is buzzing about. And then, as sent like a gift straight from the gods, we somehow end up talking about smoothies!

Anyways, I have some smoothie suggestions to really liven up your breakfast experience, and will supply you with endless energy throughout your day. Cause if you’re anything like me (playing wave race, then writing this blog, then playing wave race), you’ll need all the energy you can get!

The Case Monster:

Coconut water from a fresh young coconut

Coconut meat from a fresh young coconut (or coconut butter, or both) (great source of fat)

Some ice

½ avocado (good source of fat)

2 handfuls of frozen berries

Tablespoon of bee pollen (excellent source of protein)

Heaping spoonful of cacao powder (excellent source of iron, magnesium, and antioxidants)

Spoonful of Maca (excellent for protein, energy, libido)

Small spoonful of blue-green algae (excellent for chlorophyll)

A couple spoonfuls of hemp seeds (amazing protein)

3-5 leaves of any fresh green (kale, Swiss chard, romaine) *always make sure to rotate your greens in order to avoid the plant’s release of alkaloids, a defense system plants use to deter animals from over consuming a specific type of plant.

Some Cayenne Pepper (good to get yr blood moving, and the spice can help stop you from chugging)

Blend in a blender, put in a cup, and throw it in yr mouth!

This guy has the right idea.


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