you-sah-might-eh like diz Rainbow-Mang


Sick, I mean sick play on words. I’m typin’ here, tellin’ ya’ll you might like this vid, and BOOM! There’s the title. Yosemite, ya know?

I think this is very funny… by the end it gets concerning, but then I realized that everyone should be acting similarly excited when seeing a double rainbow. I mean, I’ve seen a handful of folk just this week, literally keeling over in celebration as a dude in an orange jersey kicks a round thing, made by an Indonesian adolescent, into a net, guarded by a dude in different colored drab. Its all pretty ridiculous at the end of the day. If you feel it, show it… we all need that extra initiative… something that says celebration is okay… something that reminds us not to be thinking about us thinking about others thinking about us all the time. It can be draining.

My next wish is to have someone equally excited for an AKUDAMA set. I’m gunna start with that someone being me!


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