Gilberto Gil


Tonight I was acquainted with the son and daughter of Gilberto Gil, one of the more notable figures in Brazilian music (especially that of the Tropicalia movement circa 1967). I told Bem, Gilberto’s son, what an inspiration his father has been, in particular the album “1968” featuring Os Mutantes. Bem agreed that this was his father’s greatest record and went into story about how the album came to be.

Just like with Dylan, Gilberto and Os Mutantes took a chance and went electric in 1967. The response to this change was unanimously negative (crowds of thousands booing), so much in fact, that Gilberto was driven to record the album “1968” (despite the negative response) the following year. It’s amazing to notice how some of the greatest musical successes were often unappreciated by people during the time, especially albums that took chances.

Gilberto Gil is an incredible inspiration for me in that he was never swayed by popular opinion. He always followed his heart and intuition, be it in the realm of music, or in the arena of politics (Gilberto was Brazil’s Minister of Culture from 03 to 08.)

Check out these videos I found of Gilberto. One of Gil playing with Stevie Wonder, and the other, along with Os Mutantes on Brazilian TV.


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3 Responses to “Gilberto Gil”

  1. michelle Says:

    double rainbow!

  2. Fernando Otero Says:

    Gilberto is great his album Kaya ‘n Gan Daya is another masterpeace.

    I’d like to add another video: Gilberto with Toquinho playing a song written by Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes

    • akudama Says:

      Fernando, thanks for sharing! Great song, fantastic video! I’d never heard of Toquinho and am glad you put him on my radar. They sounds so good together! Especially the harmonies. Good stuff man. Thanks again.

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