This guys got it right. I have’t heard music this good in a while. And the video… I was transported into futile Japan. According to Calvin, dudeman has a kodama sticker on his laptop (he saw the show earlier tonight), making me think he’s a Princess Moninoke fan… which makes complete sense… I can see the influence. For those who don’t know, we named our band AKUDAMA as a misinterpretation of KODAMA, the tiny tree spirits that protect the forest.

I’m so thankful and equally jealous of such insanely creative and talented minds. To put it into the words of my Brazilian friend Thiago, the combination is “so nice” (it really helps to hear his accent… “so nayze”… you get the point.)

Be sure to catch a show of his at CMJ in some dinky club before he takes over the world with angelic glitchy bliss…


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