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Crash Worship

September 24, 2011

Live in New Orleans, 1993


Dream Weaver

September 13, 2011

Just a moment ago, while doing the dishes, standing at the sink, knees locked, toes scrunched against the wet tiled floor, I began to hum and old ditty. You know, that song that takes you in and out of euphoria as it transitions ¬†from the catchiest, most delicous chorus (and I mean that with about 67% sarcasm), to a verse consisting of etherial, synthed-out, milk-dud rock absurdity… That’s Wright, Gary’s “Dreamweaver”. And as I stood there, softening my gaze, gently swaying my hips in unison with the sudsing of my fine-china, and by fine-china I mean a made in china¬†polytetrafluoroethylene coated cooking pan, I began to wonder just how absurd a live performance of Dream Weaver really is. Well, here it is. Thoughts?