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Blake Lake Solo Residency

April 29, 2010

Our very own Blake Lake has started a weekly residency at 88 Orchard in the Lower East Side of NYC. Come by on Tuesdays between 8:30 – 10pm to hear him play his own take on some classic covers as well as some abridged AKUDAMA favorites. Always Acoustic, usually no more than 4 strings on the guitar. Plus, he will be selling an exclusive covers album that you can only purchase in person for $5. Buy him a drink, or at least say hello! – Directions HERE


Masonic Akustics

March 2, 2010

In the latter part of this past month, we were afforded the opportunity to record at 1867  studios, an incredible recording space located in Chelsea, one of the more depressed neighborhoods I’ve seen around Boston (think Bushwick, Brooklyn). I don’t mean this in a bad way; just think mucho wrinkly folk with kind smiles, awkward hobbles, free time and push carts.

Over the past three years, Chris McLaughlin, engineer and owner, has converted the nineteenth century masonic temple into a state of the art recording studio. The space itself is… well… spacious, ideal for tastefully reverb-drenched takes (think BEEEEG!)

Point in short, we’ll have an E.P. of new material to be  hittin’ the drums of yr ears sometime soon, AND, if you’ve got licks of yr own, yawta lay em down at 1867. Peep the link

Johnny Appleseed E.P. {March 2010}

March 1, 2010

Artwork by David Buivid

Johnny Appleseed E.P.

CD Purchase at Endless Recordings

The “Johnny Appleseed” E.P. was our first free E.P. of the month. Now we need a short breather, so here you have it again! We recorded it in a barn located in an isolated area of New England which featured on the cover art.


1. Dishes
2. Night Club
3. I Will Be Glad
4. Love
5. Out Again
6. Seabreeze Social


December 10, 2009

“Knock knock”… “Who’s there?” “Union…. POOL!” “Union Pool who?” “Fuck you man.” So here’s the deal, we hit the stage tonight at williburgs infamous Union Pool, opening act style (nine Pee em on the dot.) Not to mention, the man whose cock I swam from (I.E. Dad) will be slapping the low ends like a new Feildy track. The only thing better than an Aku show is an Aku show with a garnish of dad. This will be a special, once in a lifetime performance, so make it out… and while yr at it, perhaps make out with my dad… and me… please. Anyways, here’s a post I found about apple cinnamon rice krispies… Matt and Cal are most certainly on the same page.

“i remember when i first tasted them. I’m fairly certain it was in the early 90’s — I’m almost sure it was the summer of 1991. My buddy had just gotten a sample box in the mail while i was hanging out over at his place over the summer. He made himself a bowl — i had already eaten and wasn’t hungry. He wolfed down the whole thing at the speed of light. He told me how awesome it was so later i rode my bike back to my house and found my own sample that had come in the mail. He was right. It was divine. We both kept a lookout for it when we went to the grocery store with out mothers, and within about a month it was on the shelves in a normal sized box instead of the wimpy sample box. The box was white, and had a gorilla (as opposed to the monkey for coco krispies) whose name I can’t recall, on the box. We both quickly became addicts, but within a few months it was no longer available. I wrote to Kellogg’s during my sophomore year of college (2002) hoping that maybe they still made it and I just couldn’t get it in texas. But alas, the PR rep that answered my email had NO clue what I was talking about and answered me with the stock “here are the current products we offer: apple cinnamon cheerios…etc”. So no luck there. Anyway I will sign any and all petitions to bring this cereal back. It was my favorite cereal of all time. And DAMN did that milk taste awesome after the cereal was all gone. BEST CEREAL EVER” Matt, July 22, 2009

Mercury Lounge Live

November 10, 2009

TONIGHT – We are back @ Mercury Lounge (NYC)

This is one of our favorite venues, certainly in New York. Our friend/designer/dudeman Matt Jennings made the above poster to help us promote for it. (copy&paste this page link to help spread the word). Matt also designed and hand-screened 20 limited-edition “Hands” shirts that we will have for sale at the show tonight. If we have some left after the gig, we’ll probably put them online for sale in our STORE.

Also, did you know that if you purchase our music from our “BandCamp” page, you’ll get full size cover art, LYRICS, & a 320Kbps MP3 (or any other high quality format) for less than $1/song? Yes, we just figured it out too, and it is awesome! Check out the frsh tunes HERE.

“barn”: a short film about Akudama

June 22, 2009

In August of 2007, Akudama took a break from NYC life to record an album in a secluded barn in Lunenburg, MA. Originally intended to document the process, this film wound up being about, quite literally, nothing. For one reason or another, there’s no record of the writing or recording process. It’s not particularly well shot (by Blake), or well edited (by Calvin). If anything, its… entertaining. But that’s a stretch. Enjoy.