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Gaga Goes Zeppelin!

October 1, 2009

We’ve got another exclusive pre-Lady Gaga video, a Zeppelin cover no less… featuring Calvin (of Akudama) on guitar. Catch it before Perez Hilton or your local librarian does!


Where Akudama and Lady Gaga Coalesce

September 14, 2009

Before the paparazzi, Akudama’s very own Calvin Pia had been blessed with the opportunity to take the stage with mega-star-to-be, Lady Gaga. The video might be a little toned down for all you “Gagas” out there, and what I mean by that is, she’s sitting there singing some bullshit song you’ve never heard as opposed to standing there, with no pants on, singing some bullshit song you hear everyday blaring out the window of a guapo’s Jetta, or from a muffled speaker above the chip isle in any Duane Reade (pronounced Dwan-Aye Re-odd-Aye).

The performance is as entertaining as watching Henry Fonda pick blueberries, which is honest to god a ten out of ten by Bitter End standards. Enjoy?