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Crash Worship

September 24, 2011

Live in New Orleans, 1993


That’s Watts Up

July 7, 2011

Beeeg Pun… This guy Reggie Watts is fantastic.

Oasis Inspired Imagery

June 8, 2011

Driving in our van to Boston under the summer sun, Blake puts on a mix through the worst sound system known to man thanks to some Guido auto-dude in Bushwick.

Anyhow, Blake chooses to play “Columbia” by Oasis, naming it as one of his top twenty favorite tracks of all time… He also goes on to explain that it’s an especially memorable track because the imagery it conjures up is that of George Michael slowly lathering his body with sun tan lotion on a sun-bleached beach. For one reason or another, this made complete sense to me, although other imagery began to appear in my mind as well.

Instead, I envisioned Eddie Murphy Arguing in the action figure department of FAO Shwarz, toy in hand, spliced with circling aerial shots of that enormous teddy bear in the big room, circa 94’.

So, I invite you to listen to “Columbia” and insert yr own creative and genuine idea for what would be a “fitting” video. Submit yr idea in response to this post by June 14th and first place winner gets lathered with STL by Mr. B himself, along with a homemade bar of raw organic chocolate (made by drummer.)

Helplessness Blues

May 5, 2011

The new Fleet Foxes album is fantastic. These guys are old souls, I tell ya.

As a band, we went to go see them in a packed house at Webster Hall a little while back. Hauntingly beautiful harmonies and uncanny musicianship, I was mesmerized to say the least.

Robin, lead dude, tends to tune his guitar til it’s just right, allowing for long moments of silence. As I was enjoying the space, still feeling the residual effects of the previous song, all of the sudden, from up on the balcony, I hear a VERY familiar voice yell, at an abrasively audible volume, “REN and STIMPY!!!”

My chills, epiphanies, and inspirations were immediately replaced with uncontrollable laughter, convulsions, and tears. For some reason, Blake screaming the name of these two cartoon characters that had little impact on our lives, to a crowd of three thousand absorbed and silent Fleet Foxes fans, will forever be embedded in my memory as the highlight of the show.

The Suburbs

November 22, 2010

Back when I had invisalign, and Blake was actually able to drive a car, we had dinner and played a show with these dudes at Tufts U. They even played “Headlights Look Like Diamonds” based on my request. After not having grown with them since “funeral”, I checked out the new burbs vid, and, yawto too!

Note: The video was actually directed by Spikes Brother, Mike Jones

Typical Conversation with Blake

November 4, 2010

Phone rings, caller reads “Blake.” I answer, “Hey Blake Lake, Zah?” Without a pause, Blake responds “Heymanlisten, do you have any incense in the house?” The quickness of his jive, and the bizarre nature of the question intrigue me. “Might be some downstairs in a cardboard case as long as a stick of incense, depicting Krishna in full lotus, text reading “incense stick”. Blake says, “Ok cool, ok actually I just found some up here, yeah cause the thing is I order some pizza last night, ya know? And I wanted to warm it up so I put the oven on low and I know the flame is on the bottom so I made sure not to put it near there and so I wanted to warm it up like they do in the pizza delivery boxes, the red ones they bring to your door. So I put the pizza in the oven (here it comes) inside the pizza box (!) and the whole thing caught on fire, and it was kind of unexpected cause the flame was so low and that’s never happened before cause I made sure to put it on the top oven rack, so yeah now the house smells a little bit like burning.”

Now, for most people, this would be very, very concerning, but in the case of Mr. B, it’s somehow excused. At this point my mind is laughing hysterically, but trying not to make him feel too bad, I explain “Yeah, I understand what you were trying to do, but just so you know, it’s an oven, and it cooks food at high temperatures using fire… and you surrounded your food with cardboard, an extremely flammable material… It’s all good man, but that’s unbelievable.” Blake continues to spit his rationale, as if this situation could possibly be written off as a common mistake.


October 18, 2010

The combination of krishna, heart mirrors and the neck at 1:22 is perfection.

Reflecting Light

October 7, 2010

Just in! Check out Blake Lake’s cover of the B actress in Die Hard.

Deerhunter’s “Agoraphobia”

October 6, 2010

These guys have been catching my attention a lot lately. Both Calvin and Blake were impressed enough to recommend a listen, and specifically to watch this video.

I haven’t been mesmerized by a music video in some time now, but this one really did me in. The glitchy filters, the simple, drawn out concept. I find it suspenseful and eerie, like a David Lynch film.

I also appreciate how someone conjured up imagery to a song that, at first listen, seems entirely unrelated, and yet by the end, makes almost perfect sense.

Deerhunter is touring, just so you now.

Foes with Toes

July 22, 2010

“A picture’s worth a thousand words” says the Keebler elf, Corey Taylor etc. So what did we decide to do? Shoot a documentary of a thousand words or so, solely about our photo shoot because, well, we’re BEEEG and muy importante (I think this saying is Russian, and unfortunately, the exact translation is unknown… it means something along the lines of, “there are pygmy hippos in the water of the moon”.)

Jesse Dittmar, childhood friend, chill dude, insanely good photographer, spent a sweltering afternoon with us in our backyard in Bushwick (come visit! It sucks!), taking a couple different stylized shots we had in mind. One, a knock off an awkward family photo we pulled off the inappropriately named site, . The other, a pretty loose concept of a living room vibe in the outdoors that sort of came together as the night went on.  By the end of the shoot, the picture included a goblet, harmonium, whale cane and whale guitar, Carl Jung’s “Red Book”, a fire pit, sweet attire, and marshmallows on skewers, and the dreamy members of Akudama them(our)shelves.

So scan through. Pics and vids below. Enjoy!

Peep Jesse’s Site