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Crash Worship

September 24, 2011

Live in New Orleans, 1993


Foes with Toes

July 22, 2010

“A picture’s worth a thousand words” says the Keebler elf, Corey Taylor etc. So what did we decide to do? Shoot a documentary of a thousand words or so, solely about our photo shoot because, well, we’re BEEEG and muy importante (I think this saying is Russian, and unfortunately, the exact translation is unknown… it means something along the lines of, “there are pygmy hippos in the water of the moon”.)

Jesse Dittmar, childhood friend, chill dude, insanely good photographer, spent a sweltering afternoon with us in our backyard in Bushwick (come visit! It sucks!), taking a couple different stylized shots we had in mind. One, a knock off an awkward family photo we pulled off the inappropriately named site, . The other, a pretty loose concept of a living room vibe in the outdoors that sort of came together as the night went on.  By the end of the shoot, the picture included a goblet, harmonium, whale cane and whale guitar, Carl Jung’s “Red Book”, a fire pit, sweet attire, and marshmallows on skewers, and the dreamy members of Akudama them(our)shelves.

So scan through. Pics and vids below. Enjoy!

Peep Jesse’s Site

“Out Again” Video

July 16, 2009

Coinciding with the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and San Paolino festival happening this week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, here is the [admittedly overdue] video for our [mucho-old] song “Out Again”. It features footage from last year’s festival of the same irritatingly-long namesake, where Blake wore a Sargent Peppers jacket and almost threw up on the tea-cup ride.

Directed by Zachary Robbins and edited by Anthony Subietas, this video was shot over a friggin year-and-a-half (2007-2008) between original hometown of Weston, CT and Brooklyn, NY where we now call home. Featuring Eli Silverman as “bass player”, while the recording features original player-of-bass, Matt Weber. Needless to say, both the video and the song are far-from-current, but that doesn’t make it any less RIVETING! Enjoy.

A.C. run in – in BK, yeauh

July 10, 2009

Calvin and I (Cayce) were walking into Danbro studios in Bushwick a few months back to test some mics for the Sun recording, when we noticed a jam we dug playing faintly out of a boom box in the back room. We turned a corner to find curtain walls constructed in a half-circle, with faceless characters dressed in draping drabs dancing beneath. The song that played was of common knowledge, and I could only assume this was a music video by a student (not something of the professional nature.) So we went about our business in our rehearsal space, and came back down a couple hours later. This time, as we turned the corner, we see Avey Tare sitting down with one other human being at a plastic table just outside the shoot. I’m already feeling like a tween, heart thumping, knees shakin’, like from Dolby surround sound.

And so we approach the dudes, asking the simple question “… so what are you guys doing over here?” … Now you may be thinkin’ I’m a Tyrannosaurus-tard for asking the obvious, but that one question lead to a ten minute conversation that was just… just great! Dudeman was as modest as can be, inquiring equally about me and my brother’s endeavors as us about Panda Bear’s and his.

I walked away that day feeling like I had met one of my heroes, and to have the experience be what it was, I feel very fulfilled and grateful.

So now, what made me tell you this absolutely boring story is the fact that I just found the Animal Collective “Summertime Clothes” music video on Youtube. It’s mediocre! Enjoy!

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

May 25, 2009

This is a cover of The Platters, “smoke gets in your eyes”, by Blake and Calvin at Pete’s Candy Store on May 14th.