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The Flophouse Sessions E.P. {October 2009}

October 1, 2009


Free Download Expired – Please listen/purchase below

01. People*
02. Everywhere At Once**
03. Barbershop*
04. Turtle Tan*

Akudama’s October EP of the month is entitled “the flophouse sessions”, a collection of live songs recorded during a handful of visits to the living room of Somerville’s most hospitable duo, Andy and Jen. We handpicked the most bearable takes to throw along side yr eardrum for whenever you deem desirable (Oughta be often fellas n’ fillets). Feel free to peruse our entire flophouse archive HERE, or, if you want my advice on time better spent, check out Rammstein’s new hit song, “pussy”. It’s as shocking as rubbing yr teddy bear on a carpet, and as interesting as the blog post below.

>>Keep yr ear to the ground for upcoming studio versions of People, Everywhere At Once, & Turtle Tan<<

*Bass played by David Dawda

**Bass played by Jay Goodman

©2009 Akudama/Flophouse