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Crash Worship

September 24, 2011

Live in New Orleans, 1993


Foes with Toes

July 22, 2010

“A picture’s worth a thousand words” says the Keebler elf, Corey Taylor etc. So what did we decide to do? Shoot a documentary of a thousand words or so, solely about our photo shoot because, well, we’re BEEEG and muy importante (I think this saying is Russian, and unfortunately, the exact translation is unknown… it means something along the lines of, “there are pygmy hippos in the water of the moon”.)

Jesse Dittmar, childhood friend, chill dude, insanely good photographer, spent a sweltering afternoon with us in our backyard in Bushwick (come visit! It sucks!), taking a couple different stylized shots we had in mind. One, a knock off an awkward family photo we pulled off the inappropriately named site, . The other, a pretty loose concept of a living room vibe in the outdoors that sort of came together as the night went on.  By the end of the shoot, the picture included a goblet, harmonium, whale cane and whale guitar, Carl Jung’s “Red Book”, a fire pit, sweet attire, and marshmallows on skewers, and the dreamy members of Akudama them(our)shelves.

So scan through. Pics and vids below. Enjoy!

Peep Jesse’s Site


December 10, 2009

“Knock knock”… “Who’s there?” “Union…. POOL!” “Union Pool who?” “Fuck you man.” So here’s the deal, we hit the stage tonight at williburgs infamous Union Pool, opening act style (nine Pee em on the dot.) Not to mention, the man whose cock I swam from (I.E. Dad) will be slapping the low ends like a new Feildy track. The only thing better than an Aku show is an Aku show with a garnish of dad. This will be a special, once in a lifetime performance, so make it out… and while yr at it, perhaps make out with my dad… and me… please. Anyways, here’s a post I found about apple cinnamon rice krispies… Matt and Cal are most certainly on the same page.

“i remember when i first tasted them. I’m fairly certain it was in the early 90’s — I’m almost sure it was the summer of 1991. My buddy had just gotten a sample box in the mail while i was hanging out over at his place over the summer. He made himself a bowl — i had already eaten and wasn’t hungry. He wolfed down the whole thing at the speed of light. He told me how awesome it was so later i rode my bike back to my house and found my own sample that had come in the mail. He was right. It was divine. We both kept a lookout for it when we went to the grocery store with out mothers, and within about a month it was on the shelves in a normal sized box instead of the wimpy sample box. The box was white, and had a gorilla (as opposed to the monkey for coco krispies) whose name I can’t recall, on the box. We both quickly became addicts, but within a few months it was no longer available. I wrote to Kellogg’s during my sophomore year of college (2002) hoping that maybe they still made it and I just couldn’t get it in texas. But alas, the PR rep that answered my email had NO clue what I was talking about and answered me with the stock “here are the current products we offer: apple cinnamon cheerios…etc”. So no luck there. Anyway I will sign any and all petitions to bring this cereal back. It was my favorite cereal of all time. And DAMN did that milk taste awesome after the cereal was all gone. BEST CEREAL EVER” Matt, July 22, 2009

“Out Again” Video

July 16, 2009

Coinciding with the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and San Paolino festival happening this week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, here is the [admittedly overdue] video for our [mucho-old] song “Out Again”. It features footage from last year’s festival of the same irritatingly-long namesake, where Blake wore a Sargent Peppers jacket and almost threw up on the tea-cup ride.

Directed by Zachary Robbins and edited by Anthony Subietas, this video was shot over a friggin year-and-a-half (2007-2008) between original hometown of Weston, CT and Brooklyn, NY where we now call home. Featuring Eli Silverman as “bass player”, while the recording features original player-of-bass, Matt Weber. Needless to say, both the video and the song are far-from-current, but that doesn’t make it any less RIVETING! Enjoy.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

May 25, 2009

This is a cover of The Platters, “smoke gets in your eyes”, by Blake and Calvin at Pete’s Candy Store on May 14th.


April 21, 2009

Here’s a video of “Thumbelina”, a new track of ours, live at Bedford Avenue’s very own Spike Hill. We’re in the process of recording this tune, along with eight others, so keep yr ear to ground folks!
*Sorry for the random sideways shot, someone was krazy!

Akudama – Thumbelina (Live @ Spike Hill)