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Jan Terri

October 28, 2010

Forget everything I said in the last post, and direct all your attention on Jan Terri. Notice as you get slammed in the face with Jan’s tasteful melodies and gripping guitar work … to learn her process would be a gift far grander than bathing in a vat of milk duds.

And let us not forget the video itself. The Director and Jan obviously had a strong vision and relentless work ethic as they set out to capture the story of a women leaving a hotel, getting in a car, and going to the airport.

… you best not tune out before getting yr fix of “get down goblin.”


Hell Yeah

October 28, 2010

This has got to be one of the best music videos, most certainly up there with “Glisoli” by Sigur Ros and “Do or Die” by Fury of Five.


October 21, 2010

This guys got it right. I have’t heard music this good in a while. And the video… I was transported into futile Japan. According to Calvin, dudeman has a kodama sticker on his laptop (he saw the show earlier tonight), making me think he’s a Princess Moninoke fan… which makes complete sense… I can see the influence. For those who don’t know, we named our band AKUDAMA as a misinterpretation of KODAMA, the tiny tree spirits that protect the forest.

I’m so thankful and equally jealous of such insanely creative and talented minds. To put it into the words of my Brazilian friend Thiago, the combination is “so nice” (it really helps to hear his accent… “so nayze”… you get the point.)

Be sure to catch a show of his at CMJ in some dinky club before he takes over the world with angelic glitchy bliss…


October 18, 2010

The combination of krishna, heart mirrors and the neck at 1:22 is perfection.

Reflecting Light

October 7, 2010

Just in! Check out Blake Lake’s cover of the B actress in Die Hard.

Deerhunter’s “Agoraphobia”

October 6, 2010

These guys have been catching my attention a lot lately. Both Calvin and Blake were impressed enough to recommend a listen, and specifically to watch this video.

I haven’t been mesmerized by a music video in some time now, but this one really did me in. The glitchy filters, the simple, drawn out concept. I find it suspenseful and eerie, like a David Lynch film.

I also appreciate how someone conjured up imagery to a song that, at first listen, seems entirely unrelated, and yet by the end, makes almost perfect sense.

Deerhunter is touring, just so you now.

Sensei’s teachings have paid off

October 5, 2010

I’m having a hard time writing this post. I think the reason is that I haven’t blogged in a while, and so I feel pressure to make this important. So rather than following suit, I’ll leave you with a TMNT/ 3-6 mash up.